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General Background


The Shafdan WWTP presently treats approximately 370,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day, contributed by the entire Dan (Grater Tel-Aviv) Region.


The wastewater are biologically treated by the Activated Sludge process, characterized by a short sludge age, typically 3 days (SRT), while the waste activated sludge (WAS) is discharged to the sea through an outfall pipe.


According to a recently formed environmental policy, the discharge of WAS to the sea will be discontinued, replaced by an alternative system of sludge disposal.


BJIS prepared the general and the detailed design of the sludge thickening and dewatering facility which will be required for any following process to be selected for the sludge disposal.


The services included process, civil, mechanical electrical and control engineering and general of supervision construction.


The sludge and dewatering facility us under the final stage of construction (August 2008)


Basic Design Facts:


  • Volume of Waste Activated Sludge - WAS (m3/day): 25,600 - 32,000
  • WAS Solids Weight (Ton dry solids/day): 192




 Sludge Thickening


Design Data


  • 25,600-32,000 cum/day

  • 1,280-1,600 cum/hr

  • 0.75%-0.6% solids concentration

  • 196 ton/day solids (dry matter)

  • 9.6 ton/hr solids (dry matter)

  • Thickened sludge conc.: 4%-5%




  • Eleven (11) G.B.T units
  • Polymers facility
  • P.C feed and thickened sludge pumps
  • Electrical and control








 Sludge Dewatering


Design Data


  • 3,840-4,800 cum/day
  • 192-240 cum/hr
  • 5%-4% solids concentration
  • 196 ton/day solids (dry matter)
  • 9.6 ton/hr solids (dry matter)
  • Dewatered sludge conc.: 18%-24%






  • Five (5) decanter centrifuges
  • Polymers facility
  • P.C feed sludge pumps
  • Special, high pressure P.C pumps for dewatered sludge
  • Electrical and control 






 Shafdan Sludge Treatment Facility - Greater Tel-Aviv, Israel