BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

                           בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ                                                                                                                                    

BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

  בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ


General Background


This pumped storage project is designed to take advantage of the difference in electricity prices. (Low tariff at night and high tariff at day time).


As such, water is pumped to an elevated reservoir during the night, using net electricity, and is dropped, through a penstock or a tunnel on turbines during the peak tariff   hours manufacturing Hydro - Electricity.


The Upper Gilboa pumped storage project is rated to manufacture

300 Megawatt and is presently at the construction stage.


BJIS is responsible for the general design, engineering coordination, and detailed design of civil engineering works, including reservoir, water supply pipes roads and concreted structures





The pumped storage plant is designed to produce 300 Megawatt at electrical peak tariff hours by utilizing an elevation difference of about 510m.


This plant includes upper and lower reservoirs, storing 2,400,000cum each, connected by a tunnel penstock of 4.0-4.5m dia. and an underground turbines' structure.



Basic Design Facts:


  • Project rate - 300 MW
  • Upper (elevated) 2,400,000 m3 earth reservoir, sealed by HDPE membrane.
  • A 4.0-4.5m dia. penstock tunnel, and 4.5m tailrace 2,750m long excavated inside the mountain, steel and concrete lined, connects the upper reservoir and the turbines.
  • An underground machinery building for the turbines, rated at 300 MW.
  • Lower 2,400,000cum earth reservoir, situated at kibbutz Reshafim area,
  • is constructed with earth dikes sealed by HDPE membrane.
  • A technical yard, including a control building, electric equipment, desalination plant etc.
  • Water supply system including pumps, pipelines, and
  • a reversed osmosis desalination plant.






Upper Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Station - Israel