BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

                           בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ                                                                                                                                    

BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

  בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ


General Background


The main conveyance sewerage system is owned by the Dan Region Association of Towns (sewage), serving a population of 2.0 million from greater Tel-Aviv area.


This system, designed to operate under various hydraulic scenarios and under various operation regimes, having a major role in the Dan Region Association of Towns sewage system.


BJIS provided the general design, engineering coordination and the detailed design, and supervision at site.



Basic Design Facts:


  • Main collector, diameter 1,600mm, 7,500m long laid by pipe jacking methods along the Ayalon highway at varied depth between 6m to 26m, designed for a maximum flow of 7,200 m3/hour.
  • Ayalon Pumping Station including 2x3 pumps having a duty point of:   Flow: 10,500 m3/hour; Head: 62 m.
  • Discharge pipe 1,000mm dia. 4,500 m long and 1,200mm dia. 4,500m long.



Greater Tel-Aviv Ayalon Main  Sewage - Israel