BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

                           בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ                                                                                                                                    

BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

  בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ

Every wastewater treatment plant produces sludge requiring withdrawal, digestion, volume reduction and disposal.


Due to its complexity, sludge treatment raises the highest challenge to the designers and the operators of waste water treatment plants.


Over its many years of activity BJIS has designed many sludge treatment facilities, covering a wide range of technologies, from the very simple earth lagoons sludge disposal to the state of the art sludge thickening, pasteurization, digestion and dewatering.


Our designs also include innovative methods for dewatering sludge conveyance and storage.


Sludge Treatment