BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

                           בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ                                                                                                                                    

BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

  בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ

General Background


This W.W.T.P serves several municipalities having a population of 80,000.


BJIS prepared the general and detailed designs including process civil, mechanical, electrical and control engineering and provides the general supervision of construction.



Basic Design Facts:


  • Average Design Flow (m3/day): 16,000
  • Average B.O.D. Load (Kg/day): 6,900
  • Effluent Quality (BOD/TSS/N/P): 10/10/10/5



 Liquid Process and Facilities


Main Process:


B.N.R. Activated Sludge






  • Bar screens
  • Grit removal
  • Primary clarifiers
  • B.N.R. Activated sludge reactors  with diffused aeration system
  • Final clarifiers
  • Effluent filtration and disinfection. Effluent will be used for unrestricted agriculture use






 Sludge Process and Facilities


Main Process


Anaerobic digestion, sludge dewatering, bio-gas utilization





  • 3 Drums for W.A.S thickening
  • 2 anaerobic digesters, 1,700 m3 each for the stabilization of the thickened W.A.S. and the primary sludge. Digesters are mixed by the unique "Rotamix" system
  • 2 Decanter centrifuges for the dewatering of the digested sludge
  • Co-generation system for the utilization of the bio-gas including co-generation unit having 450kW electric capacity



 Bitanya Regional WWTP - Israel