BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

                           בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ                                                                                                                                    

BALASHA-JALON Infrastructure Systems LTD. (BJIS)

  בלשה-ילון מערכות תשתית בע"מ

General Background


The Shafdan WWTP presently treats approximately 370,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day, contributed by the entire Dan (Greater Tel-Aviv) Region.


The wastewater had originally designed for the Activated Sludge process, characterized by a short sludge age, typically 3 days (SRT), without primary clarifiers.


Thickened sludge is discharged into the sea through an outfall located 5 km from the shore.


In accordance with a decision taken several years ago, the Shafdan must discontinue the discharge of sludge into the sea and implement a land-based biosolids disposal solution.


The solution that was decided upon is based on anaerobic stabilization of the sludge in a manner that will enable its use in agriculture.


the principal components of the new Anaerobic Digesters facility plant include:


  • Screening of the raw sludge (primary and waste activated).
  • Thermophilic anaerobic digestion.
  • Utilization of cogeneration units to produce electricity and hot water from the biogas produced in the digestion process.
  • Treatment of all potential sources of odor using suitable systems 


BJIS prepared the detailed design of the Anaerobic Digesters Facility and the project is now under construction.


The services included   architectural, civil, mechanical electrical, and control engineering, and general supervision of construction.



Basic Design Data:





Design year



Avarage annual sludge flow



Maximum monthly sludge flow



Maximum daily sludge flow



Average annual sludge flow

TS, t/d


Maximum monthly sludge flow

TS, t/d


Maximum daily sludge flow

TS, t/d





Main Facilities:


  • Eight (8) sludge screening units
  • Eight (8) 13,200 cum thermophilic digesters
  • Seven (7) 1.2 MW co-generation units
  • Gas treatment units for the removal of H2S and siloxane





Shafdan Anaerobic Digesters Facility - Israel